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Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro
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Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro
Avialable Again - PRICE REDUCED! -- Get yours now!

Doug Ritter Special Edition Photon Freedom Micro-Light
Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII
Photon Freedom Micro
"Doug, you nailed it again. This new Photon is perfect!"
          Bob in New York

I've long recommended and personally carried Photon Micro-Lights because of their high quality and superior performance. They pretty much established the market for the keychain-sized, single LED flashlight and over the years have maintained a leadership position using only the best materials and LEDs and introducing innovation after innovation.

Ever the perfectionist, I have always thought that a few tweaks would make them even better and have had many discussions with David Allen, the Photon's inventor and owner of the company. The latest Photon Freedom Micro went a long way towards meeting my idealized requirements with simplified one-button micro chip controlled operation, variable light intensity in both directions, water-resistant construction and the highest quality materials and construction, all at an affordable price.

While you can get much less expensive single LED keychain flashlights and some less sophisticated Photon models, I don't think anything else provides this combination of features, quality and performance for the price. The very cheapest LED flashlights don't even have a constant on feature; you must continually squeeze the switch for light, making them useless for emergency use, in my opinion.

Then at SHOT Show 2005 David was showing off the newest version of the Freedom, what he was calling "Freedom to the MAX," which introduced the latest technology Nichia white 5mm LED delivering twice the light of any other single white LED light with the same energy consumption! David had purchased the entire first runs of these LEDs for his exclusive use. My desire to tweak the light to make it better took on new urgency.

More light with no decrease in battery life sounds almost too good to be true. Almost, but not quite; in this case, it really is true. This represents a huge advancement in LED technology; typically we talk about a few percentage points of improvement, not giant leaps such as this. Nichia developed a new substrate in which the LED is placed that is much more transparent than the more opaque material used previously. Clearer material results in more light being transmitted, it's that simple. Simple in theory, but it took some innovative technology to allow for this to be done.

Protective Tube eliminates side scatter compared to original
Protective tube on Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro (above) eliminates side scatter compared to original (below)
However, brighter is not always better in every respect. The side scatter light from the brighter exposed LED is simply too bright, in my opinion, for comfortable use at its full brightness level. Beyond the annoyance and discomfort, it presents a significant detriment to night vision adaptation.

Collaborating with David and, I can offer you the Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro with two unique features:

The Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro has a protective LED tube that both eliminates most side scatter and protects the LED, while still allowing the general flood illumination that makes for a more practical and useful light. No more side scatter and a wide area of useable light surrounding the twice-as-bright main beam.

The Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro is also bright yellow colored, so it's easy to locate. Whether in your purse, pocket, flight bag or if dropped, the bright yellow makes it a cinch to find.

Even with these two unique features, we have managed to keep the price of the Doug Ritter Special Edition Photon Freedom Micro at only $15.95 (a $4 savings over the old price).

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LampNichia 2X Brightness (Bin U,V or W) 5mm White Light Emitting Diode
Main BeamOn/Off and Full Brightness Range Control
Safety BeaconSlow, Medium & Fast Flash / SOS / Morse Code
Control TechnologyIntegrated Microprocessor Controller with Photon Proprietary software
Battery Life12 - 100+ hours, depending on mode selected
BatteriesLithium, 10-year shelf life - two CR 2016
MaterialYellow Glass-filled Polyurethane
WeightUnder 7 grams without split ring or clip
Accessories IncludedQuick Release Clip
Multi-purpose Photon Clip
Safety Lanyard with Quick Release Photon Carrier
GuaranteeLimited Lifetime
Beyond these two unique features available only on the Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro, the light includes all the great features of the standard Photon Freedom Micro. I have copied these below from the Photon literature, with my comments added:

The Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro features simple, intuitive single-button operation that provides quick, easy access to the features you use most, with additional mode settings available only when you want them. "Smart circuit" technology gives you the light you need, when you need it. One button does it all!

Simple, intuitive operation:

The Doug Ritter Special Edition Photon Freedom Micro is truly the easiest-to-use, full-featured micro-light available. Nearly indestructible, it is backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Income from the sale of the Doug Ritter Special Edition MkII Photon Freedom Micro and my other RSKŪ knives and gear allow me to spend the majority of my time on Knife Rights' efforts to free knife owners from irrational knife restrictions. This has resulted in 33 bills enacted repealing knife bans in 23 states and over 100 cities and towns, eight anti-knife bills defeated and numerous litigation victories since 2010.

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First Published on: July 5, 2005
Revision: 04 February 9, 2010

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