The following information is adapted from a post on Candlepower Forums by user NeitherExtreme and is preserved here as a reference.


Photon Freedom Micro Mode IllustrationON/Full Power: (From OFF) Press & Release.

OFF: (From any mode except Signal mode) Press & Release.

Fade Up: (From OFF) Push & Hold till desire level. It will blink once when it reaches full power.

Fade Down: (From ON) Push & Hold till desired level. It will blink once when it reaches lowest power.

Blink Modes: Push & Hold for a few seconds (after reaching full power). First will be slow. Keep holding to cycle through medium, fast, and SOS, then release at desired mode. You can also stop at each one and change to the next one by Pushing & Holding for a few seconds. Also, if you Release as soon as you reach the blinking modes (when it first flashes off) it will start in SOS instead of slow.

50% Mode: From OFF Push until “first light” and then Release quickly. You can now Push & Hold until it reaches the level you would like. It will be using half the power as usual, so “full power” is 50%. This effects all levels and the blinking modes as well. You can check that you are using this mode by setting it to “full power” and waving it back and forth. In 50% mode it will look like a dotted line (strobing). In normal mode it will be solid. It will return to normal mode when it is turned off.

Signal Mode: Press and Release quickly about 5 times. Now the light works like a momentary switch. Push & Hold until it turns off to return to normal.

Demonstration Mode: This is the way the light comes when new. To exit this mode Push & Hold for about 20 seconds (till it turns OFF). You can also return to this mode by removing the battery(s) and then Pushing & Holding the switch as you put the battery(s) back in. In this mode none of the blinking modes will work, but all the ON/OFF and brightness controls will work. The light will also turn OFF after about 6 seconds.

Tips for not draining batteries by accidentally switching ON: 1) Set the light in Signal mode when done using it. 2) Keep it in Demonstration Mode until you need one of the other functions, and then reset it when you can.

Batteries: Use 2 x 2016 for highest output (as shipped from factory), or 1 x 2032 for approximately 2X longer life at approximately 50% brightness.

Freedom Trivia: Under the battery cap there are different "freedom quotes", such as "Freedom of Speech". It also says "Be Safe, always carry a Photon Microlight."