There exists in the firmware of the Freedom Microlight a 50% power mode, that can be manually set to significantly increase battery life.

When this mode is set, the LED receives only 50% of the power pulses, from the Pulse Width Modulator(PWM), during the brightness up ramp and a 50% duty cycle when it reaches the highest brightness setting of that same ramp up.

When the highest brightness setting is reached, the amount of light seems almost as bright as the full power mode and saves 50% on power consumed, with very little difference in perceived light output. This 50% power mode includes ALL of the beacons modes as well.

To activate the 50% power mode:

From OFF, press and hold the button, while at the same time, looking into the LED. The moment the very first and lowest level of light turns on, immediately release the button. From that point the brightness will ramp and you will be in the 50% power mode.

You must release the button at the very first and lowest brightness of the UP-ramp setting or this will not work and the Microlight will remain in the 100% power mode. If you bypass the first step of brightness and get to the second step or further, you will not achieve the 50% power mode and must try again.

Once you turn the Microlight off, you must go through the same process again, to activate the 50% power mode.

You can confirm that you are in 50% power mode by simply waving the light back and forth quickly while watching the LED. If the trace of light appears as a solid band, then you are in the normal full-power mode. If you are actually in the 50% power mode, the trail of light will appear as a dotted line.