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Customer Comments on the RSK® Mk1

"I got mine. It is as perfect as imaginable. REALLY sharp, great QC!!"

"This knife has a synergy of attributes: light, strong, reliable/easy to use lock, great ergos, useful blade shape, well executed craftsmanship, easy carry. Still just stropping the blade on paper and it is hair shaving sharp still. I think it competes favorably with knives costing 2x or more."

"Geoff in Philly" (name withheld by request)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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"I finally got to use (the RSK Mk1) for some of what it was designed for this weekend. Harvested the materials to make a hand drill and base board. Did all the carving and drilled several holes with the tip. Cut lots of yucca leaves to make cord. Did lots of general whittling just for fun. Cut up some fruit, and meat. The blade is still shaving sharp. I found the blade geometry to be just about perfect. The thin edge and high, flat grind slide into most materials with ease. The handle is hand filling, without being too bulky, and the whole thing is light and unobtrusive in my pocket. Using this knife is a joy, and I can't really find anything I dislike about it. It's a tough choice now on whether to carry this, or much more expensive custom folders. This will always be part of my wilderness travel gear though, that's for sure."

(From another post on "I get more pleasure out of this knife than many others, and the more I use it, the more I like it! My Axis is like butter, it slides so smooth, but locks up like a vault. I've showed it to many friends who lust after the Sebenza but can't make the leap, and a few of them plan on ordering one. After all the use of it, I just do a light strop every once in a while, and it still shaves hair."

Thayne Young
Simi Valley, California

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I own over 100 very nice knives. The large Doug Ritter Benchmade Griptilian (RSK Mk1) with the S30V, "stonewashed" blade is definitely in my top 5. I love this knife for many, many reasons. You will not be disappointed if you buy a Ritter Griptilian.

"Bladeprince" (posted on
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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"Okay, I bought (an RSK Mk1) and used it over the weekend on chores around the house. Excellent little knife. It came flawless out of the box with an extremely sharp edge. The action was actually smoother than some of my other Axis Lock knives. The blade geometry works well for almost all knife chores that I'd use a folder for. I normally carry nothing but Sebenzas, but this Ritter Grip is now a part of my EDC rotation. Good job!"

"I have always liked the Griptilian, but this is a step up. This just might be the best folder for the money going right now."

Soldotna, Alaska

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"Just got my RSK Mk1 #72/100! It's better than I expected. It looks and feels soo incredibly solid, and the action is as smooth as if it has been opened a million times. Love that blade shape/finish! This is the way the Griptilian should have been originally made!"

Alex LaJeunesse
Lake Mary, Florida

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"I'm a family practice doc with the Indian Health Service and a former U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces SERE instructor. I have really enjoyed the RSK Mk1 knife and Pocket Survival Pak you designed. Both are superb! I carry the knife in the cell phone pocket of my 5.11 pants (my "duty uniform" in clinic) and have the kit in my pocket when traveling."

Jay Kennedy
Lawrence, Kansas

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"I own 10 - 15 knives like this, but within a couple of days of receiving the RSK Mk1 it took over as the one knife I carry everywhere, all the time. [Being a number first-production unit, at first I hesitated to carry it around, but what the heck, I figured it's meant to be used, not collected, right?] It's light enough that I don't notice it in my pocket, but it has the grip and feel of a knife built to do real work. The mechanism is so light and smooth that even with my injured right hand and wrist I can easily open it one-handed. The blade is just the right size and shape to do just about anything, light work to heavy. With my wrist injury, it's difficult for me to tear open packages, etc., so your knife is in my hand at least a dozen times a day, everything from opening envelopes and dicing fruit to showing my son a bit of hardwood carving. It has got to be the most versatile knife I've ever owned, and that includes a couple of customs that I've had made.

Another reason it became my everyday carry knife is that with the unusual grip surface it remains clipped to my pocket better than any other knife I own. Not sure if that's what was intended with that grip surface, but it's the best I've seen for retaining the knife when clipped to a pocket. All in all a great piece. Obviously a great deal of thought went into every detail of this knife, and it shows -- thanks."

Wil Milan
Phoenix, Arizona

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"I just received the knife from AeroMedix, and it is excellent. The stonewashed blade and overall construction are worth every penny. I carry the RSK even in might say...'For adventures on the ground, or in the air, the RSK is beyond compare.' Thanks again for a great knife, and very helpful website."

Chris Uminowicz
Bedminster, New Jersey

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"Had it for a few days now, and you guys where right, the Noryl GTX material does not look cheap in the 'flesh.' I think, due to it not being slick and shiny, it actually looks great. Looks as serviceable as Carbon Fiber. I am also wowed by my first impressions of the AXIS Lock. The blade is my favorite shape, and from other's comments on many forums about S30V, I expect good service. I compare this knife favorably with the many Sebenzas I have owned, and at 1/3rd the price. Love it, will probably get another, one for each hand ya know."

Tom Miller
Wolfe City, Texas

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"Well, as promised, I finally got to use my new Doug Ritter Griptilian (RSK Mk1) for a week of camp chores including cutting and shaving some firewood, cutting up lots of meat and veggies, cutting para cord, digging a splinter out of my hand, shaving and trimming marshmallow sticks, and other various 'camp' chores.

It cuts very well; an outstanding cutter on meats and other food types. This is the first wider blade that I have owned that cuts this well. A great design.

It replaces the 720S aluminum frame (Benchmade folder) that I had been using for the last 3-4 years. The 720S cuts and worked great, but the S30V Grip (RSK Mk1) is just a lot better. The edge is still just barely shaving sharp even after a week of chores. The 154CM (blade steel of the 720S) would have been OK sharp, but not shaving after this week of work."

Wade Dowdy
Florissant, Missouri

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"I got my Ritter Grip (RSK Mk1)! Woho! I was impressed. It is a Benchmade all the way. Fit, finish and execution is first rate. It is comfortable and the blade geometry is close to ideal. I always liked this width of the blade for wood crafting chores with wood, skinning and camp cooking chores. I took (the RSK Mk1) out to do some basic outdoor activities like kindling production, rope and vine trimming and sharpening sticks, etc. EXCELLENT!!

It never really dulled a bit but I stropped it a bit on some clean leather to polish up the edge. I have a nearly bald forearm from testing this fine knife. I look as though moths have had ahold of me.

I must say this blade threatens to topple my other locking folders as my EDC (Every Day Carry), always in my pocket knife. All I can say is excellent job Doug."

David Malloy
Greensboro, North Carolina

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"After reading your specifications on your (RSK Mk1) knife, I tried really hard to dispute any of your comments, and I just couldn't. Everything you say about a knife makes sense, and a knife built to those specifications quickly becomes a must have item. Being on a budget, I had to change some priorities. Now that I have knife in hand, I'm not sorry I did. Thanks for designing a great knife!"

David J. Kelsch Jr.
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

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"The Big Brown truck finally came today with my Doug Ritter knife from Aeromedix and I must say it is probably the best $120 bucks I have spent on a knife. This will be my EDC for awhile as I will not be afraid to put it to hard use.

It came scary sharp right out of the box, it opens and closes with very little effort and rides easy in all carry positions that I have tried.

I have been collecting knives (custom and production) since I was about 10 years old (33 years). And, as with most knifenuts, I have been trying to find the right combination of features in the right knife to handle most tasks whether I am working around the house, camping, hiking or traveling.

I think you and everyone involved in the design of this knife have done a great job in providing a useful tool to handle almost any task that we may encounter in our everyday lives, but tough enough to handle the extreme situation if necessary, all for a reasonable price.

Aeromedix was great to deal with also. There was a small problem with my credit card going through and the called me no less than 5 times to get it cleared up for me."

Kevin Nelson
Arroyo Grande, California

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"I wrote to you last week and told you how satisfied I was with the Pocket Survival Pak and that I was thinking of buying the RSK. Well, some thoughts become reality. I ordered one and got it a few days ago. What a knife. I have never taken a knife that sharp out of the box. You say it's not very sexy, well, I don't know. Everything has its charm, and I can't stop thinking of how good it feels in my hand. It is worth every dollar, and I am so pleased that I decided to order one. It's perfect.

A little about myself. I'm a 33 year young man from Norway. In my spare time I hunt, hike in the mountains and (am) active with the Norwegian Homeguard (National Guard), in addition to being out in the wilderness as much as I can. Thank you for doing this, and for making the PSP and the RSK. They are both top line equipment with superb quality and now I will never go on any trip, short or long, without them.

Keep up the good work."

Jo-Inge Nordli

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"Well, I took the new RSK MK1 Mini along this weekend on a camping trip up in the Catalina mountains. I have to say that the more I use this knife the more impressed I am with how much knife you get for under a hundred bucks. In addition to performing the standard camp kitchen chores, I also used the Mini to make fuzz sticks and split small kindling for the fire. The edge bit right into the wood and made perfect shavings with little effort. Small pieces of wood were split using a baton to pound the knife through, the lock and handle held up fine, as expected. I also practiced making some dead falls and snares and the Mini proved excellent for precise work, making the notches required for the traps. The handle was comfortable despite its small size and I never developed any hot spots during heavy use. I only wish I had had one during all the time I spent backpacking in the Adirondacks; it would have saved a lot of wear and tear on my small Sebenza.

The edge didn't need a touch up all weekend either. It lost some its hair-shaving edge, but was still sharp enough to cut rope and para-cord easily. I also like the yellow handle; it made it a lot easier to spot it when it was placed or dropped on the ground. I'm going to have to get another one with the black handle to use around the house; heck for under 100 bucks, why not?

After we got home I touched up the edge. Five strokes per side on a Norton Fine India stone brought the factory edge right back. I also decided to do a little bench testing out in the shop. The little sub-3-inch blade easily cut a 1-inch free hanging manila rope. While this isn't really a practical test, it does speak well of the blade's edge geometry. I also did some cutting tests on some 3/4-inch manila. I produced an excellent pile of rope shavings with about 100 cuts through the rope slicing from choil to tip. It had lost some of its fine razor edge, but again still had a good working edge. I was pretty impressed given the fact that a lot of knives costing 50-100 dollars more often only make about twenty cuts in the rope and end up about as sharp as a butter knife when you're done.

Anyway, I can't say it enough, if you don't already have one of these, get one! Mine has earned a permanent spot in my pocket. It's the perfect EDC from the streets to the Boonies. You just won't find a better knife for the money."

"I think Benchmade and Mr. Ritter have just made the ultimate small, inexpensive utility knife here."

Rob Harnas
Tucson, Arizona

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"I have been carrying, daily, a large Sebenza for the past four years, and in fact own a total of four. I began carrying the large RSK Mk1 as soon as it arrived, in my left-rear pants pocket where I had been carrying my Sebenza, and I am *very* pleased. It is secure, perhaps more so than my Sebenza, and does everything that I expect from a knife. Deployment is also fast, from either hand. I am also carrying the "Mini" version in a front shirt pocket, so that I can play with it, too. ;-)

I ended up ordered two more of each knife, because I was so impressed. I will eventually give these as gifts. You have a very good thing going here.

BTW, I ordered a Mercworx Lachesis knife at about the same time and it cost the same as four of your knives. Interestingly, I find your knife to be much better executed, a smoother action, and it has more practical applications."

Ken Lunde
San Jose, California

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"After two weeks with the Ritter Grip (RSK Mk1) all is well. Very well. I have never owned a production knife that I have gotten this much joy out of. I originally didn't expect much. I never liked the Griptilians, so this was an experiment. Hell, I got this in a trade, so what did I have to loose. If I didn't like it, I would trade it. Well, don't send me any offers because this one isn't leaving my pocket. In fact it has earned itself permanent EDC (Every Day Carry) status.

I have always thought that I would never find a knife with custom blade quality and a handle design that I don't mind using a lot. This flat ground S30V blade takes a super screamin' sharp edge and holds it very well. The handle is a standard Griptilian that I didn't like, but I got used to it fast. Total ambidextrous ability makes this knife very versatile.

I was reading the description from Doug Ritter, that he said this was going to be a knife that would get you home safely and take the hard usage. Now, I am an Emerson user for years, and have had Striders and just got a Snody, so I am very discriminating in this area. I have served in Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom. This makes me a good candidate for choosing a hard use folder in combat zones (not killing people with a knife. That is what firearms are for). The Ritter Grip is not a pry bar, or a large fighting knife, so don't think you are buying a hand-held door-opener. However, that being said, the knife's ability to slash and purely rip apart fabric, cardboard, and I am sure flesh if needed, is amazing!

In the 2 weeks of carry and usage I find this knife very pleasing. Sometimes I have forgotten that I was carrying it. I was at a bar and the bouncer asked that I un-clip it and put it in my pocket deeper. I felt stupid because I forgot it was there. That should be a testament to ease of carry. Fit and finish of the entire knife is Top Notch. I looked at the price and see that it is barely over $100. OMG, for that price I would buy 2 of 'em for left and right pocket carry before I spent the money on a $240 knife. Yes, I am serious. Anyhow, I definately recommend this knife to any and all descriminating users out there. "

"USAFSP" (name withheld by request)
Columbia, Maryland

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"Just wanted to write and say this little gem of a pocket knife is everything you said it is, and then some. I opened the thoughtfully packaged Mini RSK Mk1, and have hardly been able to put it down since. Great action, feel and balance, and I feel ready for anything remotely suggesting its use, short of picking my teeth or doing my taxes!

The only downside to owning one of these is that, since I now carry it everywhere, I am forced to check a bag at the airport! However, the sharp little velveteen carry pouch the RSK arrived in will work great for stowing purposes.

Thanks for the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail!"

Max Tite
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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"This is what you need to get, RITTER GRIP (RSK Mk1)! I fell in love with the Grips with the regular 556 and graduated to the Mini-Ritter and thought that I had the perfect knife, small, light and can hold an edge that puts the 556 to Shame! I LOVE S30V! Then I was getting a full size Ritter for a friend who is the care taker at my lake cottage and decided I HAD to get one for me. Upon opening, I thought it would be too big and hard to carry and thought about sending it back, but boy was I quickly proven WRONG! This full size Ritter Grip is now my EDC (every day carry) and I am wanting nothing else. This baby has a great blade for prying and it cuts like a laser and it melds to my pocket with its lightness. GET THIS KNIFE, you will not regret it.

God, you would think I was Ritter's son the way I go on and on about his knives."

Timothy Sams
Indianapolis, Indiana

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(The following excerpted from a post on BladeForums) After having spent several months in what has to be one of the planets most inhospitable locations, I thought that perhaps the fine folks of Bladeforums would like to know how my knives are working out.

I came to the desert with 8 knives of wildly varying design and purpose. They have pretty much split into two categories: The ones I use, and the ones I don't. First, let it be know that I use these first three knives. That is to say that I don't coddle them, or consider their feeling before I put them to use. Let me run down the particulars.

Mini-Ritter: A quality product at a great price. This is an EDC knife that gets used for opening MREs, mail (when I get it), and any other numerous small cutting chores. Why I carry it: I love S30V steel. It really holds an edge for when there isn't time to be sharpening all the time. The FRN handles on this Mini Griptilian mod are plenty good for the application, and surely contributed to the price point. But the real star of this show is the Axis lock. It's solid, intuitive, and ambidextrous too boot. What I would change: There's not much I'd change on this knife.

It gets used dozens of times each day. Perhaps the most demanding application is cutting open the odd cardboard box. The cheap cardboard that is used to make many boxes is laced with extremely abrasive clay, and is widely know to quickly dull most any blade. The mini-ritter is not exception to this, but even so, it holds its edge remarkably well. I've not had any issues with edge chipping with this knife.

James (Soldier, Helicopter Pilot) (last name withheld per military regulations)
Balad, Iraq

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"It took me over 2 years to work myself into spending the extra money for the Ritter RSK, not so much for s30v, as the wider heavier blade. I cannot tell you how much I am glad I did!

Both the RSK and MINI-RSK are great, your blade design is pure function from tip to tang!"

Jeff Mandrell

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"Got the Ritter Grip and mini Grip, went through a big knife only phase and got rid of the mini Ritter, now I want one again. The full size Ritter is one of the best knives I own, and I have Striders and CRK's (Chris Reeve Knives, ed.). It holds its own with the big dogs."

Baltimore, MD

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"As an avid outdoorsman, I rely on my knife often, and over the past two decades, I have purchased--and been disappointed by--many different makes and styles. I am absolutely enthralled by the RSK MK1! The blade design is perfect, the action is smooth and easy to operate with one hand, the locking mechanism is solid, and the handle fits my hand beautifully. It is lightweight yet strong. Well done."

Jonathan Lukens
Philadelphia, PA

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