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Customer Comments on the RSK Mk3

"Have had the newest Ritter design for about 4 days now. When it first arrived, all I could think was "fugley", didn't look like I'd expected, better, a ginormous MK2 folder (3.5") design in a fixed blade (4.5") with G-10 scales and stonewashed blade finish.

The flat ground S30V blade looked like it was zero ground then finished with a very narrow primary grind on the edge. The result is a scary sharp edge that just melted through newsprint (no, I didn't touch it up when it arrived).

The G-10 scales complement the blade and handle extremely well. Just plain feels good without the bulk or hotspots of other designs. Just textured enough for a grippy feel.

The physical weight is great also (5.7 oz.), balances just a bit behind the half guard for perfect heft. Love the S30V. Full tang construction with a slight bulge at the lanyard hole perfect for hammering without bunging up the G-10 scales. Extended thumb ramp makes scalpel like cuts easy. Just enough blade belly to easily handle skinning or caping tasks.

The tactical molle style sheath is adequate with multiple rigging hook and loop style flaps. Sheath feels like it weighs nearly the same as the knife. Only dissapointment was the lack of a front loop to attach an additional multitool, folder, stone, etc. (going to attach a hook and loop strap around it to take care of this...).

Long story short I love the knive! Nice to have a FB knife in G-10 scales, with S30V steel, full tang construction, stone washed finished without having to pay custom prices $$$$$

Nice job Doug!"

Denver, Colorado

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I LOOOOOOVE my Ritter fixed blade. If you haven't purchased one yet, please consider doing so. From looks alone it is a beautiful knife (especilly the handle) with a very classy sheath (gray lettering on black - I like that it looks less military than the Becker sheath), but it also handles well and is sized just right, at least for my camping needs.

The handle is the part that surprised me. You've got to see it in person to really appreciated it. It is relatively smooth, but has real mild ridging that is both practical and beautiful. I have big hands (I'm 6'5" tall) and was concerned that the handle might be too small for me, but it feels great in my hand.

I should also mention that I'm happy with the low weight of the entire package. Since I'm usually carrying a fair amount of gear with me already I am not a fan of heavy knives.

Ken Kortge
Grayslake, Illinois

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I am extremely pleased with my RSK (series # 042). I used the knife heavily around camps in the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area. There is nothing this knife can’t handle from slicing foodstuffs to fire-building. I appreciated the high, flat grind when I used the RSK to clean 5 fish. This is indeed a very nice tool.

Gary Freiermuth
Hastings, Minnesota

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First Published on: August 19, 2006
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