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Blue ball "Smartly designed, affordable and functional, Ritter's Pocket Survival Pak is the best I've seen on the market."
    Cody Lundin - author of "98.6 Degrees - The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!"
    Founder and instructor: Aboriginal Living Skills School
Blue ball "...everything a mini kit should be...Doug Ritter and Adventure Medical kits can give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back"
    Read what else Dr. Terry Trier had to say about
    the Pocket Survival Pak in Tactical Knives.
Blue ball "It is a safe bet a number of these kits are going to find their way into my various travel packs."
    Read what else survival and knife authority Steven Dick
    had to say about the Pocket Survival Pak.
Blue ball "I have spent way too much of my 58 years pondering the contents of pocket sized survival kits, both my own and those constructed by others, and I believe Doug Ritter's new Pocket Survival Pak is a real gem. There are no frills here, just all the basics that can be squeezed into an affordable kit that is small enough and comfortable enough to be carried ALL THE TIME--and it is filled with quality stuff. The instruction sheet is much more comprehensive as any I have seen in a small kit and better than many books on survival that grace my library shelves.

Over the last few months Doug has shared with me some of his anxieties over equipment choices and his determination to make sure his kit contains only excellent gear (the mirror and whistle come instantly to mind). His care and concern have resulted in a really superb kit. Just add personal meds, spare glasses, a decent knife and the stuff you should have about you when venturing off the pavement anyway. A really fine effort--and it is under thirty bucks !"
    Ethan Becker
    President and Designer
    Becker Knife & Tool Corp.

Blue ball "Why would I carry the Pocket Survival Pak? Because Doug Ritter designed it, and he insisted that everything in it be top quality. Doug knows that 'good enough' rarely is when it's your life in the balance. Quite simply, get one of these for every member of your family, and make sure they understand how to use each item. A Pocket Survival Pak that's with you is worth 20 full-size survival kits you left at home. I trust Ritter, and I'll trust his new kit with my life."
    Tom Gresham - author of "Close Calls"
    Co-host of Chevy Trucks Shooting Sports America television series on ESPN
    Editor At Large of Guns and Ammo magazine and Petersen's Hunting magazine.
    Host of nationaly syndicated award winning Gun Talk radio show
Blue ball "Doug Ritter's Pocket Survival Pak cuts right to the heart of what you should carry in the backcountry. It is the most well-thought out and designed kit that I have seen and, unlike many commercial survival kits developed by armchair outdoor writers, the real confidence-builder is that this kit was developed by someone who has extensive knowlege in the area of survival gear and know-how. Unlike other kits on the market which have inferior or second-rate items, Ritter held out to include only the best gear which makes this a very economical form of life-insurance for the wilderness wanderer. I plan on selling these in my survival classes and highly recommend them in addition to Ritter's informative website."
    Tony Nester - author of "Desert Survival - Tips, Tricks. & Skills" and
    "Practical Survival - Tips, Tricks, & Skills"
    Founder and instructor: Ancient Pathways

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First Published on: May 5, 2004
Revision: 02 July 31, 2005

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